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Best Cheap Mountain Bike Under 200

Best Cheap Mountain Bike Under 200

So, your friend has just influenced you to bike off-road. While it is challenging and brings you closer to nature, the problem is that your old bike has been stashed in the garage for too long and you need a new one. Now, mountain bikes are generally expensive and have intimidating features. Luckily, you can still buy the best cheap mountain bike under 200 that is specifically built for beginners.

Of course, there are affordable bikes out there, but most of them have questionable quality. An affordable bike should not compromise quality, safety, and comfort. They should still have a reliable braking system, gears, suspension, and durable frame.

Best Cheap Mountain Bike Under 200: Our Top Three Picks

Each of the following mountain bikes has its own unique features, pros, and minor disadvantages. Which do you think is the one that best matches your style and comfort? Let’s find out!

1. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is built with reliable features and parts that work together efficiently. No wonder it is on the top-selling list for beginners and experienced bikers alike. Know more what this Schwinn bike has to offer below.


Key Features

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike accommodates different biker heights and skill levels. In fact, it comes in seven different sizes: one-size 13-inch, one-size 14-inch, small (16 inches), medium (18 inches), 29-inch wheel with 18-inch medium frame, 29-inch wheel with 18-inch medium frame, and 29-inch (matte black).

The frame of this Schwinn mountain bike is made of steel, making it a very sturdy bike. The frame is built with Schwinn suspension fork design for better control, especially on tough trails. Its twist shifters are from Shimano. It comes with a 21-speed rear derailleur that allows for quick gear change on different tracks.

The braking system of Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is reliable and protects you from any potential accident. It is made of alloy linear front and back that provides a powerful stop when you need it. Also, the sturdy alloy wheels are light and wide, which make them ideally stable for all types of terrains.

As an affordable mountain bike, the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike also requires little to no maintenance. This is thanks to its alloy crank.

What to Like About It

  • Stable tires
  • Powerful brakes
  • Durable frame
  • Reliable on any terrain
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Suitable for different biker levels and height
  • Fits perfectly
  • Easy gear shift

What Could Be Improved

  • Seat needs more cushion
  • Comfort issues

2. Merax Falcon Mountain Bike


The vibrant colors of the Merax Falcon Mountain Bike might be the first one that gets your attention. Its overall design also looks attractive. Having made it to our list of the best mountain bikes, this affordable mountain bike has more to offer. Know more about its features, pros, and minor drawbacks below.

Key Features

The Merax Falcon Mountain Bike features a full suspension design that is certified by the CPSC. Its dual suspension feature (front and back) absorbs the shock and impact so you will experience less bounce, especially on rough terrains.

The full suspension system also maintains stable contact between the wheels and the ground. This protects you from falling when making turns on sharp corners or slippery roads. The Merax Falcon Mountain Bike is built with Shimano 21-speed Derailleurs and shifters, which let you efficiently slip on even pavements, ride down hills, and accelerate on steep hills.

The rubber grip handlebars and seat provide ease and convenience even when biking off-road for hours. It is manufactured with a similar shape to the human body to make it feel more comfortable.

In addition to that, the pedals are made of strong nylon material. It has carved grips to provide a secure grasp with your shoes. The wheels have the same anti-slip feature too, which gives sufficient traction on slippery trails.

The Merax Falcon Mountain Bike is considered to be one of the most ergonomic and economically designed beginner mountain bikes. It can hold up to 330 pounds of biker weight and comes with a one-year warranty.

What to Like About It

  • Nice design and colors
  • Lessens shocks
  • Prevents skids and slips off
  • Easy to accelerate and stop
  • Powerful braking system
  • Worth the money
  • Comfortable and easy grip

What Could Be Improved

  • Difficult to tune gears
  • Lack of instruction

3. Murtisol Mountain Bike


Last but not least is the Murtisol Mountain Bike, which is featured in four colors. Its materials and construction were carefully planned resulting in overall superior quality and design. It is affordable and gives beginners a good start for off-road biking.

Key Features

The Murtisol Mountain Bike is a hybrid bicycle that combines 27.5-inch frame and 21-speed drivetrain. It is powerful in different terrains and stays durable even when biking off-road for hours. The steel frame is tough, giving it a well-built body that holds all the components securely.

The Murtisol Mountain Bike has a front fork suspension that reduces shock when riding rough trails. This feature provides the rider with overall comfortable riding experience. One important feature in a mountain bike is the quality of the brakes, and this bike is built with front and back disc brakes. These brakes provide protection and control when biking on difficult roads.

The seat of the Murtisol Mountain Bike is adjustable for 5’ 11” to 5’ 9” biker height and can hold up to 250-pound biker weight. Another cool feature of Murtisol Mountain Bike is the combination of colors that make up the overall design. It can match any cyclist no matter his or her age and gender.

What to Like About It

  • Cool design
  • Comfortable
  • Reliable braking system
  • Ultimate control for slowing down and acceleration
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Adjustable seat
  • Value for money

What Could Be Improved

  • Not for long-term use

The Final Verdict

When it comes to choosing an inexpensive mountain bike, make sure that it is made of durable materials. The parts, especially the drivetrain and braking system, should be reliably powerful too. You can find a good number of affordable bikes, but any of the ones we reviewed can easily be considered as the best cheap mountain bike under 200.

All of the three mountain bikes have pretty powerful braking systems and durable frames. However, despite the lack of instruction for tuning its gears, the Merax Falcon Mountain Bike stands out. Why? That’s because it is easy to control when decreasing the speed, accelerating up hills, or maintaining a constant speed.

The comfort that the Merax Falcon Mountain Bike offers is not only felt on its seat but also in the handlebars. The handlebar is rubberized that it provides a good grip and doesn’t cause hand strain.

So, if you want to get yourself a bike that matches your biking level and preference for the ultimate off-road experience and protection, then the Merax Falcon Mountain Bike has got you covered.

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