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Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes Under 1500

Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes Under 1500

Let us take a wild guess here. If you are trying to find the best hardtail mountain bikes under 1500 bucks, then that means that you’re not someone who is an amateur to the mountain biking game.

Unlike more budget-friendly the mountain bikes, the ones that we have listed here are guaranteed serious pieces of kits. We are confident that that will truly elevate your skill and turn you into a professional mountain biker.

Since we are looking at the higher end of the scale, it is imperative that we scrutinize every single feature to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. A budget of 1500 bucks is more than enough to find you a mountain bike that comes with amazing features. These include a lightweight and robust frame, full suspension, and more.

For a hardtail mountain bike that has all of these features and more, check out our top options below.

Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes Under 1500: The Top Choices

When you are spending close to 1500 dollars for a mountain bike, you need to know you are getting the best. In line with this, we made sure that we only consulted with the experts and had them tested several high-end mountain bikes.

After carefully trying them all, we narrowed our choices down to these three amazing mountain bikes. Let’s review each of them in detail below.

1. BEIOU 650B Mountain Bike

Zhejiang BEIOU Composites Manufacturing Co. is a company located in the Zhejiang province. The company is known to specialize in sports products development and has been using carbon fiber for the last 15 years.

Their engineers primarily focus on carbon fiber composite material safety, performance, and also weight, which they developed into many types of products. It was only in 2010 that the company started manufacturing mountain bikes, and have now become a well-known brand.


The BEIOU 650B Mountain Bike is undoubtedly an absolute joy to behold. The bike looks simply fantastic and offers a ride that is so smooth, thanks to its 29-inch wheels. These wheels are capable of providing the best possible experience when you are up in the mountains.

This mountain bike is available in multiple colors. You can choose between two different kinds of classic black, or you can buy the white and red variation or just the plain white color. These colors have a beautiful matte finish.

The bike’s frame size is 19 inches and is a carbon frame mountain bike. This makes it extremely lightweight, which, in turn, makes it quite easy to handle as well. This bike gives a tough competition to several of its competitors in the same category.

The bike weighs no more 23 pounds. It has a strong built that makes it highly durable as well. It comes with a hidden disc brake and is definitely a feat of engineering in itself.


  • Attractive looking mountain bike
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Features a high-quality carbon fiber body


  • The bike’s seat is not the best quality
  • The body surface is slightly grainy


2. SAVADECK DECK300 Mountain Bike

SAVADECK, which was previously known as SAVA Bicycle Creative Design Team, is a company that is founded in Sindelfingen, Germany in the year 2005. This was established by Mr. Yang Yiwu, who is a famous bicycle businessman and also the founder of Minjie Bicycle.

SAVADECK bikes are proudly made for cyclists by cyclists. Their bike parts are sourced from only world-class manufactures, which makes them genuinely outstanding and long-lasting.


The SAVADECK DECK300 Mountain Bike is a beautiful bike that is built using only the best materials. The bike is available in six different colors. These include black/green, black/grey, black/orange, black/red, black/white, and black/yellow.

All bikes from this company are hand-built and come to you almost assembled. All you need to do is fix the seat post, front wheel, and pedals, and you are good to go. The wheel sizes are 27.5 inches and 29 inches, and the frame size is 15.5 inches, 17 inches, and 19 inches.

What’s impressive is that it is made using the TORAY T800 carbon fiber frame. This frame provides the mountain bike with a lightweight and robust structure. Furthermore, this frame is aerodynamically contoured. The tapered head tube strengthens the torsion rigidity and will give the riders significantly better handling.

The bike also features SHIMANO DEORE M6000 Speed Control along with a shifter lever, a front, and rear derailleur. This will enable you to start and operate the ride quickly and effectively with smooth shifting.

Lastly, the bike comes with a highly durable and strong Michelin Country Race MTB tire. This is an anti-gill, hard-wearing tire with a low rolling resistance that makes you go even faster.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Made from a high-quality frame
  • Has an excellent-quality bike tire


  • None


3. Steppenwolf Tundra Mountain Bike

Steppenwolf is synonymous with excellent quality. The company is known to produce bikes only with the highest standards, which make it last much longer in comparison to its counterparts. The bikes are manufactured in Germany at Sangerhausen.


The Steppenwolf Tundra Mountain Bike boasts features that make up an excellent mountain bike any rider would expect from an all-terrain bike. The bike’s frame is made from a triple-butted and lightweight aluminum. While it does make this bike slightly heavier than counterparts, it is still as strong and sturdy.

The tires used for this bike are Schwalbe Rocket Ron 29×2.25 Evo tires on Shimano XT/DT Swiss wheels. These are available to you in two sizes: 27.5 inches or 29 inches.

The entire bike comes to you almost fully assembled. All you need to do is fix the front wheel and the seat, and you are good to go!

The bike also features a Shimano XT 180/160 mm brakes along with Easton EA50 685 mm handlebars on the Easton EA50 90 mm stem. All in all, you can definitely say that you will get great value for your money if you invest in this mountain bike.


  • Comes almost 99% pre-assembled
  • Features very high-quality Shimano components
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Has a very straightforward and functional design


  • Available in just one single color



When it came to the best hardtail mountain bikes under 1500, there weren’t too many options a couple of years ago. Thankfully, today, there are quite a few to choose from, and the three we’ve listed above are some of the best ones in this category.

Of the three, we highly recommend that you try out the Steppenwolf Tundra Mountain Bike. This mountain bike comes from a highly reputable brand, and their bikes are known to last for years.

Furthermore, this mountain bike uses high-quality Shimano components, which will truly elevate your riding experience. This bike is undoubtedly fantastic.

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