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Best Mtn Bike Under 2000

Best Mtn Bike Under 2000: The Modern Choice

The moment you started searching for the best mtn bike under 2000 bucks, then probably, you are taking this hobby to a more serious level. This decision somehow reflects your confidence and dedication to becoming a pro in this sport.

With this amount, you can already purchase a mountain bike unit with extremely amazing features—durability, functionality, and style. Check out some of the extreme mountain bike options that will definitely fit into your budget.

Best Mtn Bike Under 2000 Reviews

1. DJ Mountain Bike

This proud Canadian brand offers an innovative e-bicycle for everyone—whether you are a commuter, casual rider, sports fan, or senior citizen. The DJ Mountain Bike is built from high-quality mainstream components and is offered at a very reasonable price. Surely, you will enjoy every scene with less sweating and great savings.


  • Strong Power

The e-bike is powered by Bafang Brushless 750W motor that can extend to up to 1000W. Using this dynamic motor ensures a powerful bicycle that can help you get up even on long and steep hills.

  • Tough Battery

The DJ Mountain Bike comes with a Samsung lithium 48V 13Ah dismountable battery with a key lock. It can be charged anywhere using a unique charger with a safety design that helps prevent overcharging.

  • High-Quality Construction

The bicycle’s main components are made from durable and sturdy materials. It also features a stainless aluminum frame, Tektro Disc brakes, and Shimano 7-gear rear cassette. Its heavy duty alloy rims combined with CST all-purpose 26” x 1.95” tires give you a smoother riding experience. The Top Gun suspension fork system is also powerful enough to absorb shocks.

This DJ bicycle features an integrated front headlight that allows you to perfectly roam around the city or on light off-road trails.

  • Comfortable Ride

This clean looking and easy to use bicycle give comfort in every ride. It has a cushion saddle seat that makes your longer rides a lot easier.

  • Excellent Price

This bicycle is sold at a very competitive price. A quick payback is guaranteed due to the excellent gas and parking cost savings.

  • Environment-Friendly

Despite being an e-bike, this DJ Mountain Bike runs quietly and proven to be zero-emission.

  • Customer Satisfaction

The manufacturer offers 1-year warranty and service to any repair shop. Free and fast shipping is also available.


  • An E-bike with strong motor and battery
  • High quality and durable construction
  • Offers comfortable ride
  • Environment-friendly


  • Tail light not included

2. Beiou Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

The manufacturer, Beiou, is known to specialize in the development of carbon fiber sports products. Their engineers focus mainly on designing carbon fiber composite bicycles with high-cost performance and safety features for both cycling enthusiasts and professional athletes.


  • Carbon Fiber Material

The bicycle is engineered mainly from highly durable carbon fiber materials. Its rear triangle part is made from Mitsubishi high carbon fiber with a tensile strength of 500kgf/mm2 (4900MPa), a tensile modulus of 24ton/mm2 (230GPa), elongation of 2.1, and density of 1.8g/cm3. While the bottom bracket of the bicycle is made from an overlap of Toray T800 and Toray T1000 carbon fiber. These materials increase the bicycle’s strength and rigidity making it safe during rides.

Other parts of this Beiou bicycle are also made from carbon fibers—the unibody frame, flat handlebar, and seat post. The carbon fiber frame comes in three different sizes such as 17”, 19”, and 21”. Its integrated handlebar uses 600mm/31.8mm while the seat post is made using 350mm/31.6mm integrated carbon fiber materials.

  • High-Tech Systems

This bicycle is equipped with state of the art systems that enhance its performance. It uses a Shimano Deore 6000 speed control system, Shimano M355 hydraulic disc braking system, 26” air suspension fork, pro wheel integrated crankset, and RT 26 professional MTB wheelset. All of these parts work together to make this unit a hard trail mountain bike.

  • Stylish Design

The Beiou Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike has a 3K matte finish. It comes in two colors including black red and orange.


  • Carbon fiber materials
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Stylish finish


  • No declared warranty

3. Savadeck Deck300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

The Savadeck bicycles are carefully hand-built to satisfy all your biking needs. The units are shipped directly in a pre-assembled packing giving you an easier biking experience. It is truly a ready ride that encourages you to grab your bike and have fun.


  • Carbon Fiber Material

The carbon fiber frame provides a unique structure to your bicycle making it stronger and lightweight. It is also equipped with an aerodynamically carbon designed wind tunnel, stays, seat post, and seat tube.

  • High-Quality Parts

The parts used in making this bicycle come from world-class manufacturers. The speed control system uses a Shimano Deore M6000 that gives higher speed to the lever and derailleur. This allows an effective and smooth start to your riding experience. The SR Suntour fork gives 100mm suspension travel to ensure more control and comfort on the road.

The Michelin Country Race MTB tire guarantees faster speed due to its anti-gill, hard-wearing, and low rolling resistance. It also comes with a tapered head tube that helps strengthens the rigidity of the torsion and improves your handling performance.

  • Easy to Assemble

The Savadeck Deck300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike offers an easy to assemble feature. This is accounted to its highly engineered design that allows you to put on the front wheel, seat post, and pedals of your bicycle on your own by following simple steps.

  • Chic Design

This bicycle comes in different color combinations – black green, black grey, black orange, black red, black white, and black yellow.


  • Carbon fiber finish
  • World class parts manufacturer
  • Easy to assemble


  • No declared warranty


Comparing the best mtn bike under 2000 may be tough, but after careful evaluation, the best among the best was determined based on its features and performance.

The DJ Mountain Bike boasts of the most distinguished features among the three bicycles. Not only that it is constructed using the finest materials, but it is also equipped with powerful motor and battery. Yes, this is not your ordinary bicycle as it falls under the e-bike category, giving you easier and better biking experience.

Despite its amazing construction and built, this bicycle fits in your 2000-dollar budget. Definitely, a very good buy that comfortably allows you to go places without worrying about polluting the environment.

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